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Peggy Doty

Coyotes are feeling more at home in urban areas, where their favorite food, the rodent, is plentiful. Recent encounters with increasingly bold coyotes in Madison, Wisconsin have some residents worried about their pets. What should people do if they find themselves face to face with Canis latrans? First, ask yourself…is it really a coyote? Peggy Doty says if it looks like a small German Shepherd with a really pointy nose, it’s probably a coyote, not a dog and certainly not a wolf. Doty is an...

Residential Fight Against Emerald Ash Borer

May 10, 2013
Mike Moen

The Emerald Ash Borer continues to spread in northern Illinois. Experts say it’s inevitable the tree-killing insect will reach new territory. They urge communities in its path to take steps to reduce the impact. But it’s not just a problem for local officials. Residents have also joined the fight.