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Mosquitoes have been plentiful -- and voracious -- this summer, thanks to heavy rains that have created perfect breeding habitats for the blood-suckers. Now researchers at the University of Illinois may have found a way to reduce future mosquito populations with the help of some native Midwestern plants.

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The University of Illinois will be able to continue operating, even in the case of a possible state government shutdown. 

Governor Rauner and Democratic leaders in the General Assembly are engaged in a budgetary stalemate. With 20 days left until the next fiscal year, the state’s comptroller says her office could cease payments come July 1.

But U of I spokesman Tom Hardy says the university and its employees would not be immediately affected.

U Of I Trustees Stand At Firm 'No' With Salaita

Jan 16, 2015

No means no. 

The University of Illinois Board of Trustees said yesterday their decision against appointing Steven Salaita will not be reconsidered.

Trustees voted to reject the Salaita appointment in September. But a faculty committee on academic freedom cited problems in the way the U of I administration handled the case. They recommended last month that it be reconsidered by an academic committee in the College that sought to employ Salaita, Liberal Arts and Sciences.

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The University of Illinois plans to hold basic tuition steady for in-state students enrolling in the fall. Students at the Chicago campus will see an increase for certain majors. That bump is called a “differential.” 

University spokesman Tom Hardy says U of I, like many other colleges, uses differentials on all three campuses to raise money for engineering, business administration, nursing and other subjects for more than a decade.

Most Of Country's Food Passes Through Illinois

Jan 5, 2015
Institute of Government and Public Affairs, U of I

More food passes through Illinois annually than any other state, according to a report from the University of Illinois. 

Civil engineering professor Megan Konar, with the Institute of Government and Public Affairs, found that of the 400 million tons of food that move around the country annually, more than 70 million tons pass through the state.

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Advocates for better healthcare in Illinois’ rural areas say one problem is a lack of doctors. But they believe a long-running program is making a difference. 

The Rural Medical Education Program is offered through the University of Illinois at Rockford. The school says the program graduated more than 260 students since 1993. Most of them went to practice in rural communities.

Margaret Vaughn, who is the executive director of the Illinois Rural Health Association, says the program is a big help.

Illinois Economy Keeps Growing

Dec 2, 2014
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A measure of Illinois economy has been steadily growing this year. 

The University of Illinois Flash Index was at 106.6 in November. Any reading over 100 indicates growth and the index has been steady since February.

U of I’s Institute of Government and Public Affairs releases the index every month. It uses corporate earnings, consumer spending and personal income to track Illinois' economy.

A professor whose job offer was rescinded by the University of Illinois is suing the school. Steven Salaita’s anti-Israel comments didn’t sit well with U of I trustees.

Salaita claims the University stonewalled attempts to access emails sent to and from key administrative figures regarding pressure from the school’s donors and the Board of Trustees.

The professor claims the University has violated Illinois' Freedom of Information Act by not providing the requested emails, claiming the inquiry "unduly burdensome."

U Of I Pitches Urbana-Based College Of Medicine

Nov 4, 2014
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The University of Illinois Urbana campus has been developing plans for a new engineering-focused College of Medicine that would utilize new engineering trends like “big data” and bioengineering. But now, not one, but two plans will be sent along to the Board Of Trustees.

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It is a year of honors for University of Illinois Engineering and Physics Professor Nick Holonyak Jr. The inventor of the first light-emitting diode, or LED, addressed a crowd of students and faculty this week on the 50th anniversary of that innovation.