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The Assurances Of Spring

Apr 12, 2018

Can you believe this weather?

On Easter it was cold, very cold, then it snowed. Soon it will be in the middle 60s. What’s up? It’s on everyone’s mind, the Midwest spring/winter roller coaster. 

Let me remind everyone: We have had chilly, very chilly, and wet weather as late as Memorial Day. I remember standing in the clammy climate cheering on my kids who were marching in a parade, shivering down to my damp toes. 

Why Hunger Amid Abundance?

Apr 11, 2018

Recently I walked into a supermarket on a Sunday morning after Mass. What struck me that day was the produce section: Every bin was filled completely with beautiful and colorful fruits and vegetables.

Just about every supermarket is like that. Walk in, and the first thing you see is beautiful, ordered abundance. And I was stuck with the thought that, even with this abundance, there are people in our town that go hungry.

Life Plays Out In A Lonely Act

Apr 10, 2018

Oddly, it was the color gray I noticed most. Despite the fact that he was using a small, yellow duffel bag as a pillow, it was the color gray that caught my attention.

Gray-grimed jeans, gray sweatshirt, gray cap, and gray blanket. I wondered if, perhaps, he had been working at a construction site and been covered in the grayness of concrete dust.

His Dream Is Still Deferred

Apr 9, 2018

Last Wednesday was April 4, the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. Dr. King, without doubt, one of our most beloved and respected historical figures. However, there’s much about his ideas, message, and activities that has been edited from our collective memory.

Paean For An Open Primary

Apr 6, 2018

We have just finished a primary election in Illinois, and yes, I voted, but only on a non-partisan referendum issue.

For decades, I have questioned why primary voters are made to make a public declaration of party preference, when other states have found alternatives to this intrusive requirement. Twenty years ago, while a Wisconsin resident, I was able to vote within a single party ballot without revealing that choice.