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The Kind Of Love Worthy Of A Card

Feb 19, 2015

"All You Need is Love..."

It’s a great song, but it ain’t true.

What could I possibly say about this luscious, erotic, much-sought-after experience that has not already been said or sung by great masters?

Love is so important that the absence of it drives people to despair and wretchedness.

I found myself (with some amusement) watching the commercials urging couples to lavish the ones they love with flowers, candy diamonds and getaway weekends. Hmmmm.

The love I celebrate is not found on the inside of a card. It's messy.

How To Handle Being Told 'No'

Feb 18, 2015

This month the seventh-graders and I wondered about how to deal when people tell us no. In U.S. history, many groups are marginalized and told no over and over. Oddly, it happens so much during childhood that kids get used to being told no. They may believe that they cannot accomplish their dreams.

So we looked to Bessie Coleman for help. Nearly 100 years ago Coleman, an African American, dreamt of flying airplanes. Women then were not allowed to fly airplanes. In fact, African American women were not allowed decent schooling, jobs that paid well, or even basic respect.

Policing Policy To Empower Citizens

Feb 18, 2015

The headlines are wrong.  There need not be conflict between cops and citizens‎ in our communities.  In fact, there are policing strategies that reduce crime while empowering citizens.

The overarching strategy is community oriented. Rather than cruising in patrol cars, reacting to emergency calls, officers immerse themselves in the community and become part of it. They get to know citizens and their concerns.  Cops and citizens cooperate and develop an understanding.

It's A Matter Of Trust

Feb 16, 2015

I don't want the next few seconds to scare you.  

Especially if you are driving over a bridge right now.

Another Take On That Egg-Vs.-Chicken Thing

Feb 13, 2015
Dan Klefstad

Editor's note: NIU faculty member Dan Libman presented his Perspective on the age-old question of the sequence in which chickens and eggs arrive. It was somewhat tongue in cheek, but one of Libman's colleagues offered this more serious riposte:

Dan, I appreciate your perspective on this age-old question, but I’m afraid your interpretation is foundationally, logically, and fundamentally incorrect.