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Get Passenger Service On The Right Track

Feb 12, 2015

Northern Illinois University is the only state-run college in Illinois not served by Amtrak. This fact seems perpetually shelved by those in state and federal government who research ways to expand Amtrak in Illinois.

Plans for a new Amtrak line from Chicago to Rockford to Galena are moving forward steadily and, by government standards, aggressively. Do those in charge of choosing new Amtrak service, and Amtrak itself, really believe a line to Galena is going to make money?

Reading Online Can Help You Meet Goals

Feb 11, 2015

Are you planning to read more this year and catch up on some of the "Best of 2014" lists?  Chances are you’ll be using an e-reader or other mobile device and accessing e-books from your library or a commercial website.

Maybe your local library is participating in “eRead Illinois,” a program made possible by a grant from the Illinois Secretary of State and the State Library.  You can see the list of libraries at

Get Back To Where We Once Belonged

Feb 10, 2015

If you’re a parent with kids in traveling sports, you certainly understand the impact of sports tourism on your wallet.

The Rockford region has long been a leader in sports tourism. However, in recent years we fell behind as other communities invested in sports facilities and captured tournaments that previously had come to our region.

Now, thanks to the Reclaiming First initiative led by the Rockford Park District and Rockford Area Convention & Visitors Bureau, we are poised to “reclaim first” in the competition for the economic benefits of sports tourism.

What Makes A Student Of Ethics?

Feb 9, 2015

If one is to be ethical, does it mean that one should study ethics?

It seems to me that many people say they are ethical and maybe they are, but doesn’t it beg the question that to be truly ethical, one needs to be proactive in the actual study of ethics? Not just an ethics course in college but an ongoing process of the study of thinking ethically?

We can learn behavioral ethics from mentors, family and other significant people in our lives through role modeling. But is it really enough to continually sustain our “being ethical?”

Which Really Came First?

Feb 6, 2015

Want to know which came first, the chicken or the egg? I’ll tell you because I know. This is not a trick to keep you listening, I actually do have the answer.

Ever since I became a chicken owner, I have become increasingly aware of how difficult it is to discuss my flock. Not because this area of animal husbandry is particularly complex; in fact, the opposite is true. Tending chickens is so primal, so basic, that it defies metaphor itself.