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Comforting The Caregiver

Jun 29, 2018

My friend Bill is a caregiver -- every day -- because he lives with and loves the person he cares for. Every choice he makes must involve and revolve around the person he cares for.

It’s important to understand that Bill also needs the person he monitors and nurtures. Love has tied a knot that binds them.

Bill recently shared on Facebook a meditation from “Daily Comforts for Caregivers” by Pat Samples. Please listen:

Goodbye To A Community Ally

Jun 28, 2018

Several years ago, a note came across my email: “Would you be interested?”

The message came from someone called Victor Yehling who said he was from WNIJ/NPR. Victor wanted to know if I would be interested in an idea he had. People from the community would write a short piece (250 words) and record the piece for a program he was starting called Perspectives. A few of us said yes and so it began.

Time to 'Soften' Our Schools

Jun 27, 2018

When the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School started the #neveragain movement, I was optimistic that these well-spoken, passionate young people would be able to change the hearts and minds of lawmakers and other leaders to increase access to mental health care and pass common-sense gun laws.

I hoped that, as a nation, we would undertake a coordinated effort to make our precious young people and dedicated educators safe in our schools. Sadly, we are once again faced with another mass school shooting – this time in Santa Fe, Texas.

The Wizard Behind The Works

Jun 26, 2018

I’m intrigued by the creativity that lies behind the scenes in music, film, theater, and writing. Those people whose names may be unfamiliar, but whose work and talent are fundamental to the production or composition – studio musicians and web designers, theatrical prop builders, and movie location scouts.

And have you thought about who’s behind radio productions like this one? Sound engineers, producers, and most definitely, editors.

America, Who Are We?

Jun 25, 2018
Carl Nelson / WNIJ

I am sick. I am sick because I have lost who we are.

What do we stand for? I used to think I knew but, over the last couple of years, I have become less and less sure.

After a campaign of sexist, racist, classist xenophobia, we elected Donald Trump. In the aftermath, the most unsavory elements of our citizenry emerged, emboldened. Since then, the respect and sanctity of our most fundamental cornerstones are crumbling out of political ambition … and winning.