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Women Deserve More Than A Month Of Recognition

Mar 8, 2017

March is Women’s History Month. It’s a great time to honor and respect the contributions of women historically, politically, socially, academically, athletically, and theologically.

In our patriarchal society, women often have been disenfranchised and oppressed. Their voices and ideas subjugated simply because they weren’t men.

One summer we harvested a gorgeous crop of grass hay. We counted 334 bales -- a year’s supply -- but I told a friend I’d sell her some if there was extra.

With one more wagonload to put up, my crew asked, “Do we put it up in the loft?” I was hot, empty, undecided.

I said, “Leave it out,” because I gave my word. The second cutting would grow. But the summer stayed dry and clover bloomed, the hay worthless for my horses. We gave it to a friend for the cost of getting it out of the field.

Examine a map of the Midwest. Color in all the states with a lower unemployment rate than Illinois. Color in all the states with greater job growth, more business expansion, a brighter budget picture, a more stable public pension situation, fewer social services in jeopardy.

What will the map look like? Other Midwestern states will emerge in brighter colors, while Illinois will stand alone, shaded in darker tones of danger and despair. Virtually every economic and social indicator registers more favorably than in Illinois.

Young Reporter Earned Her Stripes

Mar 3, 2017

If you think newspapers are dying, keep it to yourself. Definitely do not tell Hilde Kate Lysiak.

Wikipedia tell us Hilde is an American journalist, author and newspaper publisher. Pretty impressive credentials ... because she is now 10 years old. 

Her paper is the Orange Street News, named after the street she lives on in Selinsgrove, Penna.

Her father, Matthew Lysiak, is a former crime reporter for The Daily News in New York.

This Is How It Begins ...

Mar 2, 2017

Two years ago, I was leaning against a guard rail in Ohio along Route 30. The sun was warm, and I was back on the road again in what would turn out to be a 935.5-mile walk from Rockford to Washington, D.C.

I was reading the gospel for the day -- and waiting for the Spirit to give me new insights. Hmmm … Be careful what you wish for.

The reading was the woman at the well. Maybe you know this one: Jesus comes to the small town and is tired; he sits down by the well and, as a Samaritan woman comes to draw water, Jesus says, “Will you give me a drink?”