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It's New Territory For Twitter

Jul 28, 2017

I thought I used to understand Twitter. But now, after Donald Trump, everything is in disarray. When Trump tweets, is it policy or just an opinion? No one knows.

On the one hand, the courts appear to be interpreting statements about a “travel ban” as a matter of policy. But does this mean that everything Trump tweets is to be construed as an official proclamation worthy of preservation in the national archives?

And would this apply to everything, including covfefe?

Helping Leaders Change Systems

Jul 27, 2017

I am involved in a national leader-training effort through my Lutheran denomination.  

Called “Natural Systems Academy,” it is based on Murray Bowen’s Family Systems research. It involves church leaders attending four years of workshops to learn how to help congregational pastors stay calm and thoughtful in the midst of anxious or conflicted situations.

Sound easy?

The Cure For Sexual Assault Problem

Jul 26, 2017

Recently, WNIJ reported the Rockford Police Department was offering a woman's self-defense class and that the class was already at capacity.

In WNIJ’s story, Deputy Chief Mike Dalke noted awareness is half the battle in self-protection. With all due respect, I must disagree.

It appears, from information in WNIJ’s story, the class will provide training on awareness and personal safety tactics. But, like virtually all women’s self-defense classes, the focus is on assaults by strangers.

Counsel On Selecting Councils

Jul 25, 2017

Many of the small towns throughout the region from Mt. Morris to Genoa and Freeport to Waterman, the city councils made up of local business owners. This can create a list of problems. 

In one community, a councilman who's also a business owner worked to shut down live outdoor concerts at a nearby business. It was obvious the interest of this councilman was his specific business and not that of the community, many of which vocally let the council know they wanted live music.

Adding Faces At The Table

Jul 24, 2017

“If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.”

Recently my wife attended a Social Justice camp at NIU as a representative of DeKalb School District 428.  She shared this quote from the camp on Social Media, and it has been resonating in my mind for the last month. While it’s an uncomfortable analogy, the vivid imagery it invokes is quite effective.