Illinois Senate Democrats made another attempt Friday to satisfy the demands of Gov. Bruce Rauner’s economic agenda.

The Republican governor has said the expense of workers' compensation insurance has driven businesses out of the state.

Sen. Kwame Raoul, D-Chicago, sponsored legislation meant to bring costs down.

"I know workers' comp. I’ve practiced workers' comp on behalf of employers," he said during debate. "This, if implemented right, will save employers money, and I urge an aye vote."

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Illinois lawmakers heard from Board of Elections officials and administrators of state universities Sunday about the consequences of not passing a budget. 

Computers at the Board of Elections are used to track voter registration, campaign donations, and which candidates are running for which offices.  Information Technology Director Kevin Turner said the board doesn't have enough working personal computers to handle candidate filings later this year.  

 "We seriously do not have enough equipment to get that done right now,” he said.

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The average Illinois price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline is $2.43.  This is three cents more expensive than last week's price. 

AAA reports the most expensive gas  can be found in the City of Chicago, at $2.79 per gallon. By contrast, Danville has the cheapest gas, at $2.14 per gallon. 

Rockford's average price is $2.37. This is ten cents more expensive than last week.  

The Trump administration agreed last week to disclose records regarding former lobbyists it has hired, and the ethics rules it has waived for them. The move defuses a brewing conflict between the White House and one of Washington's smallest agencies, the tiny, 71-worker Office of Government Ethics.

The issue of health is everywhere today, from national policy all the way down to what we do as individuals.

In this week’s Friday Forum, WNIJ’s Victor Yehling talks with Dr. Thomas Schiller, medical director of BetterLife Wellness at SwedishAmerican Health Systems, about what individuals can do to improve their health – and what support and encouragement is available.

The idea of a “better life” sounds very appealing, and Schiller makes it very clear that each person can have a profound effect on his or her own health.