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Gov. Bruce Rauner is asking the Illinois Legislature to allow work to start on Interstate 55 in the Chicago area via a public-private partnership.

Rauner, the state transportation secretary and Republican House Leader Jim Durkin made the push at a news conference on Monday. They say the Illinois Legislature needs to pass a resolution supporting the project by the end of the month.

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The average Illinois price for a gallon of regular unleaded is $2.31.  This is 4 cents cheaper than last week's mean price.  

The state's most expensive gas, according to AAA, can be found in the City of Chicago, at $2.68 per gallon. By contrast, Springfield has the cheapest gas, at a price of $2.07 per gallon.  

Rockford's average per-gallon price is $2.21.  This is three cents cheaper than last week's average.

Illinois lawmakers are working on legislation intended to help youth programs struggling under the state budget impasse.

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Monarch butterflies have started their long, three-generation migration north. Last year, a late-winter storm reduced their numbers drastically. It could be two months before they show up in Illinois again, but there are ways to start preparing for their return.

U.S. Senator Durbin Condemns GOP Healthcare Plan

Mar 24, 2017

Illinois U.S. Senator Dick Durbin took a swipe at the Republican healthcare plan in Springfield Friday.

Republicans could not get the votes to pass the measure, even though both the president and the speaker of the House put their full weight behind the plan. Durbin says in Washington, that usually means a slam dunk.

“When the president puts his reputation on the line, whoever that president may be, they’ve never lost. Underline the word never,” Durbin said. “Ultimately, I expect the Trump and Paul Ryan effort to succeed in the House. If it doesn’t, it’s historic.”