I-90 Genoa Rd. Toll Opens Sept. 14

19 hours ago
Illinois State Toll Highway Authority

A new toll on I-90 will start collecting funds next month.

Tolling at the Genoa Road exit on a stretch of the Jane Addams Tollway in Belvedere will start Sept. 14. Construction has been going on since last year.

Residents say the new toll could pose a problem for those who previously took that exit to avoid other tolls.

Rockford celebrates its long history as a baseball town this weekend. Saturday afternoon is the grand reopening of Beyer Stadium, home of the famed women’s professional baseball team, the Rockford Peaches.

University of Illinois College of Medicine at Rockford

The University of Illinois College of Medicine at Rockford is getting $50, 000 to promote early detection of lung cancer in the area.


Candidates seeking Illinois's 18th Congressional District seat vacated by Aaron Schock reiterated their positions during a second debate this week.  

State Senator Darin LaHood and Rob Mellon also talked about campaign finance reform.  

Mellon, a Democrat from Quincy, says the way districts are drawn helped LaHood raise $1.5 million in campaign donations.

“And so they create these very safe districts, and they’re money making schemes,” Mellon said.

That charge was dismissed by LaHood, a Peoria Republican.


A marijuana advocacy group is urging Illinois lawmakers to accept Governor Bruce Rauner's changes to a marijuana decriminalization plan. 

In his amendatory veto, the Governor supported lowering penalties for possession of pot but he did tighten the amount someone could have to avoid a criminal charge.  

The National Organization to Reform Marijuana laws says it's still a move in the right direction.

Flickr user frankieleon / "Vaccination" (CC BY 2.0)

The mumps outbreak at the University of Illinois stands at over 100 cases after the first week of classes. Students and community members are being encouraged to get an extra dose of the mumps vaccine.

The number of mumps cases in Champaign County has steadily climbed since the beginning of June, when most of the student population leaves the campus.

So far, a total of 93 students have been infected, and 11 more community members have come down with the mumps. Most of them had been vaccinated against the disease. 

Psychedelic Rockford

Aug 28, 2015
James Clucas


The first Rockford Psych Fest took place Friday, August 21st.  The event was organized by local musician, Josh Weidman.

The Young Minds perform at Rockford Psych Fest `15.

(Video credit: James Clucas)

Tundras performs at Rockford Psych Fest `15.

(Video credit: James Clucas)

A last-minute appointment former Governor Pat Quinn made after losing last year's election has spurred a new law.

Lou Bertuca was a political operative, a key player in Quinn's ultimately failed campaign.

Shortly before Quinn left the governor's mansion, he helped make sure Bertuca had his next job locked up.

Quinn appointed Bertuca, then 30 years old, to a multi-year contract with an annual salary of $160,000 as CEO of the Illinois Sports Facilities Authority.

Police departments nation-wide are increasing their commitment to community policing in hopes of reducing crime. It’s a strategy that involves developing relationships between neighborhoods and individual officers. 

Brandon Dillard is one of nine officers in the community services unit. He says unlike other patrol officers, his job is aimed at getting long-term results.

A federal judge is ordering Illinois’ comptroller to cut checks for some services for people with developmental disabilities.

Judge Sharon Coleman told the State of Illinois that even without a spending plan - it must pay for services for Medicaid-eligible people with developmental disabilities.

She instructed Comptroller Leslie Munger - who writes the checks - to pay by last Friday, a deadline that Munger did not meet.

Today - Judge Coleman again ordered Munger to cover the costs, which attorneys for her office agreed to do.