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Documents obtained by The Associated Press show that Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner's information technology chief has contracted to spend $208,000 in tax dollars for two professional memberships despite the budget crisis.

Hardik Bhatt is Republican Rauner's $145,000-a-year secretary of the Department of Innovation and Technology. He has a $50,000 membership and $29,000 subscription to councils within the Virginia-based executive-assistance firm CEB Inc.

Democratic Comptroller Susana Mendoza has held up some payments but the state is obligated to pay.

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Illinois lawmakers are returning to the Capitol this week to resume work on trying to end the budget stalemate that has eluded them for almost two years.

The State Journal-Register reports that, just before lawmakers' two-week spring break, the House approved another stopgap spending bill that would give more than $800 million to human-services programs and higher education.

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The average Illinois price for a gallon of regular unleaded is $2.49. That's one cent more expensive than last week. 

AAA reports the most expensive gas is found in the City of Chicago, at $2.84 per gallon. In contrast, Decatur has the state's cheapest gas, at $2.21 per gallon.

Rockford's average price is $2.36 per gallon. That's three cents cheaper than last week's average. 

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About 100 Northern Illinois University students, faculty, and staff will have the chance to give direct feedback on their President.

The move is part of what President Doug Baker calls a “360-degree review” of his performance.  He's evaluated annually by the Board of Trustees but, this year, both Baker and university officials want more detailed feedback.

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Some groups are bracing for the problems of a future Illinois state budget that doesn’t raise taxes high enough or cuts spending.