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Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner has signed an executive order banning the state from calling children under its care wards and instead instructing they be called "youth in care."

Rauner signed the order Friday afternoon at the Illinois State Fair. It says the change is necessary because referring to foster children as wards make them "feel they are part of a bureaucracy instead of a family."

It states that the way children are treated and labeled "has a substantial effect on their self-confidence and their trust in those they rely on."

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The State of Illinois is being called “heartless” in a new court filing from attorneys representing nearly 100 social service organizations that are owed money.

Agencies that provide care for seniors in their homes or advocate for early childhood education say the State of Illinois needs to pay them now.

They had contracts to do work for the state during a year-long budget impasse, but the legislature hasn’t agreed to fully reimburse them.

The state argues it doesn’t have to fully pay those agencies according to the language of the contracts.

IVCC Support Workers And Trustees Meet Over Pay Complaint

Aug 19, 2016

  The Illinois Valley Federation of Support Staff Local 6561, a bargaining unit with the Illinois Federation of Teachers,  filed a complaint with the state’s Educational Labor Relations Board. 

The Ottawa Times says the College owes scheduled 2% raises to support staff, but these weren’t paid as of July 1st 2015.   

Trustees didn’t provide a response during last night’s board meeting, but the two parties met behind closed doors afterward. 

Ultimately, they released a joint statement saying they need clarification from people who weren’t there Thursday.

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This presidential election is the weirdest in living memory. Conservatives nationwide are scratching their heads over how Donald Trump became their nominee, while progressives are still unsure about sending their frenemy, Hillary Clinton, to the White House.

 A supplier for Chrysler is building a new facility in Belvidere to produce components for the Jeep Cherokee. 

The Rockford Register-Star says the building’s tenant hasn’t been identified, but the facility will employ around 500 workers.  This is on top of 500 additional jobs coming to Sager Industrial Park two miles east of the Chrysler plant. 

Fiat Chrysler reshuffled its production earlier this year, ceasing local production of the Jeep Patriot, Jeep Compass, and Dodge Dart.