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Jenna Dooley has spent her professional career in public radio. She is a graduate of Northern Illinois University and the Public Affairs Reporting Program at the University of Illinois - Springfield. She returned to Northern Public Radio in DeKalb after several years hosting Morning Edition at WUIS-FM in Springfield.  For 2012, she was named "Newsfinder of the Year" by the Illinois Associated Press. She is also recipient of the 2014 Donald R. Grubb NIU Journalism Alumni Award. She is not afraid to brag at parties that she has met Carl Kasell, Ira Glass, and Garrison Keillor (and has pictures to prove it!) She is the former Recording Secretary for the Illinois News Broadcasters Association.

Jenna Dooley

Earlier this week, Amy Fontana popped the trunk of her large, red vehicle next to Huntley Middle School. She’s been collecting yard signs that read “We Support Our Teachers.” It was an effort by the DeKalb Classroom Teachers’ Association to drum up support for a new contract.

She says more than 600 went up around the city.

Negotiations wrapped up with a three year contract.

Fontana, who is a spokesperson for the DCTA, says compromises were made.

DeKalb County officials continue to track West Nile Virus in birds and bugs.

The county currently has four mosquito traps that are monitored weekly. A recent batch near Genoa tested positive for West Nile Virus. Greg Maurice is the Director of Health Protection. He says mosquitos that transmit West Nile Virus prefer hot and dry days. They love stagnant water, and their parting gift can leave you feeling pretty woozy, but is rarely fatal.

"EpiPen Auto Injector" / Greg Friese (CC BY 2.0)

A new law in Illinois could put a life-saving tool in the hands of police officers.

Illinois State Police go through annual first responder training including the use of CPR, overdose reversal drugs, and now epinephrine auto-injectors. Those are used to treat severe allergic reactions.

Master Sergeant Matt Boerwinkle says together these can help officers react before a full medical team can arrive to the scene.

Over the past few months, we've been looking at the toll of addiction in Winnebago County. 

In this installment, we hear portions of a conversation between two women affected by it within their immediate family. Bonnie Falzone-Capriola lost her son, Barry, five years ago due to an overdose.

But first, you'll hear from a Rockford woman named Shannon who is raising a young child as her husband currently struggles with addiction. 

Jenna Dooley

The Rockford Police Department is switching to a fully encrypted system for radio transmissions. The changes take effect Monday morning.

Police Chief Daniel O’Shea says the move is meant to stay one step ahead of those who commit crimes.