Ann Hobson Pilot and Tai Murray At The Mendelssohn PAC

Classical WNIU is pleased to sponsor an amazing collaboration between two critically acclaimed musicians: harpist Ann Hobson Pilot and violinist Tai Murray, appearing at Rockford's Mendelssohn Performing Arts Center, Sunday, November 10th.

Ann Hobson Pilot reached legendary status as Boston Symphony Orchestra's principal harpist, now retired.

Harpist Ann Hobson Pilot

This well-decorated musician was also video-documented during her travels to South Africa in 1997.

On violin, Tai Murray is already establishing herself a musical voice of a generation, with a reputation for elegance and effortless ability.

Violinist Tai Murray

Now a resident of Berlin, Tai Murray has performed as guest soloist on stages from Chicago to Copenhagen to Shanghai.  And soon, Rockford!

This inspired pairing of harp and violin, featuring Ann Hobson Pilot and Tai Murray, comes to the Mendelssohn Performing Arts Center in Rockford on Sunday, November 10th at 2pm. There's more information on our Events calendar.