Audit: Prison Systems Lost Computers

Aug 7, 2013

Credit flickr/ espensorvik / Creative Commons

Illinois' auditor has found that the state's prison systems have lost 240 computers. 

Auditor General Bill Holland's report shows the Department of Corrections is missing 156 computers and the Department of Juvenile Justice can't locate 84 others. 

Holland called the losses problematic because it increases the risk of exposing confidential information.

However, Corrections spokesman Tom Shaer says it's likely the computers were properly disposed of. 

"We'll show, we believe, that these computers are either still in inventory and possibly service, or were properly wiped clean (no security risk with information) and were discarded or properly disposed of.  We just didn't complete the paperwork due to human error during a time when the department was short-staffed.  And it still is short-staffed." -Tom Shaer, spokesman, Illinois Dept. of Corrections

In June, the Auditor General found more than 250 computers unaccounted for at Southern Illinois University. 

State officials estimate the value of the missing SIU and prison computers at $639,000.

Illinois Public Radio's Amanda Vinicky contributed to this report.