Bishop Malloy Of Rockford Diocese Joyful...And Surprised

Mar 14, 2013

The leader of the Catholic Church’s Rockford Diocese says he is “filled with joy” over the College of Cardinals’ selection of Pope Francis. 

Bishop David Malloy, Diocese of Rockford
Credit Susan Stephens / WNIJ

Bishop David Malloy says Pope Francis represents “the global church." 

"Think about the humility, think about the doctrinal fidelity, think about the fact that he's a Jesuit, think about this is the first pope from the new world. All of the history of firsts that are coming together here, and the fact this is the year of faith."

This year, Catholics are being actively encouraged to rediscover and renew their relationship with their faith. Malloy says Pope Francis’ reputation as a humble man who “lives his poverty” will make that goal even more appealing, especially to young people. That’s the message Malloy is looking forward to spreading among the half-million Catholics within his 11 county diocese as they learn more about their church's new leader.