A Bit Of Respect, If You Please

Jun 14, 2018

With Flag Day upon us, I am about to go into my annual frenzy about something most people have unlearned from grade school. That is, respect for the flag.

Even the basic things like not having it out in the rain or at night without a light are way beyond people who want to show their love for America — 24/7, rain or not. I guess we are supposed to comment on how patriotic they are, ignoring the fact they are ignorant of rules of respect or just lazy.

While on the subject, let’s talk about businesses that fly way oversized flags. I am sure they think they will get more customers by being super patriotic.

I grew up in a generation that burned flags, but that was out of protest of a war that some thought was just dandy, as long as their sons didn’t have to fight in it. As part of that generation, I burned my draft card. I realized, sitting in a Vietnam rice field a few months later as a draftee infantryman, that burning draft cards was about as effective as burning flags.

So when I eventually got home and started working for the Register-Star and, then the Bloomington Pantagraph, I decided to vent my scorn on flag abusers. The flag burners have grown up, replaced by very lazy flag wavers.

My flag gets flown on appropriate days when the weather allows.

My neighbors have not mentioned how wonderful I treat my flag. But I know.

I’m Greg Stanmar, and that’s my perspective.