Congressional Race: 14th District

Oct 26, 2012

Randy Hultgren and Dennis Anderson

The race for Illinois' 14th Congressional District pits a political newcomer against a veteran Republican lawmaker. This newly drawn district covers ground in several counties, including DeKalb, Kane, McHenry and Kendall.

The current 14th is represented by Republican Randy Hultgren, who won the seat in 2010. Even though he’s a freshman Congressman, Hultgren is no stranger to the political scene. He served in the Illinois legislature for nearly a decade before running for Congress. In his bid for reelection, Hultgren faces Dennis Anderson, a Democrat who has a background in the medical field. Anderson has never held an elected office, but has been active in many civic endeavors.

Some of the highlights from the interviews:

- Job Creation

Both candidates say the focus should be on the growth of small businesses. Hultgren says there needs to be more certainty, and that the federal government could send strong signals by keeping tax rates from going up and removing regulatory hurdles.

Anderson says small business owners need more access to credit. He says some of the mechanisms should include ways to improve the housing market, which would in turn create more credit opportunities for small business owners.

- Deficit Reduction

Hultgren says lawmakers should go through each department and find ways to cut costs. He says the Department of Transportation should get a serious look.

Anderson also says most areas need to be looked at when it comes to spending cuts. He says cutting the defense budget should be a priority.

- Foreign Policy

Hultgren says the biggest concern should be Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons. He also says China's business practices need to be monitored closely.

Anderson says U.S. foreign policy needs more predictability. He also stresses the need to respect human rights.