Congressional Race: 6th District

Oct 24, 2012

Democrat Leslie Coolidge is facing incumbent Republican Peter Roskam.  Coolidge, a Harvard educated CPA, says she has the fiscal wherewithal to help make the economy a priority in Washington.  Roskam campaigns in a Democrat-drawn district which largely keeps a Republican stronghold of voters. The district includes portions of McHenry and Kane counties.

Roskam's campaign was contacted repeatedly for an interview, but did not respond to WNIJ's request.

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Leslie Coolidge says she would like to see investment in research projects such as Fermi Lab. Coolidge is opposed to right-to-work laws, and believes in the right of unions to collectively bargain.

Domestic Energy

  • Coolidge would like to see an overall plan focusing on reducing consumption. She points to the new fuel economy standards as a model for a solution to reducing energy consumption.
  • She also would like to see the production tax credit continue.

Foreign Policy

  • Coolidge is supportive of the Obama administration and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's stances on foreign policy.
  • She sees a need to maintain a strong military, but says using those assets should be the "last course of action."
  • Roskam has stated  the federal government can be competitive with other countries by overhauling its tax code.
  • Roskam supports strong sanctions on Iran.


  • Coolidge says from a civil perspective, she believes people should have the right to marry who they choose.  
  • She says it is discriminatory for same-sex couples to be denied the ability to file a joint tax return
  • Roskam supports the Defense of Marriage Act as current law.


  • Coolidge favors offering women access to contraceptives and education in order to make abortions more rare. Ultimately though, Coolidge says it should be a women's decision with her doctor.
  • Roskam opposes abortion.


  • Coolidge does not support turning Medicare into a voucher system.
  • According to his website, Roskam wants to give people the ability to purchase insurance across state lines and expand the use of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs).