DCFS Telling Contractors To Prepare For Cuts Could Provoke Potential Legal Action

Jul 15, 2015

Illinois’s Department of Children and Family Services is telling contractors to be ready to make cuts if political leaders ever agree on a spending plan.

Ben Wolf
Credit aclu-il.org

A federal judge told DCFS to provide the same level of services as it had in June, until the governor and legislators approve a budget.

But DCFS is pre-emptively telling its contractors to also get ready for 10 percent cuts - though there is no budget guiding that.

Ben Wolf is with the American Civil Liberties Union and has sued DCFS over its quality of care before.

“The proposed tentative 10 percent cut that DCFS has put in some of the contracts it sent out, DCFS also acknowledged, I think, to many providers, wasn’t real,” Wolf said. “And they expected it to change.”

Wolf says he may go back to court if service providers start cutting now in preparation of possible cuts later.