DeKalb County Residents Can Soon Start Circulating Petitions For Office

Aug 30, 2017

Residents wanting to run for office can start collecting signatures Tuesday for the March primary.

Credit DeKalb County

Positions up for nomination include DeKalb County Sheriff, Clerk, Treasurer and Regional Superintendent of Schools.

Doug Johnson is DeKalb County's Clerk and Recorder. He said this election may not draw as much attention as others, but said these offices have the largest impact in everyday life.

“These are the people that are making the laws and the rules, and running our state and county," he said.

Johnson acknowledges that people suffer “burnout” from political debates and commercials, but said that still shouldn’t stop people from heading to the polls.

“Put your one vote in for what you believe and how you think things should be run," he said. "We had an alderman’s race in DeKalb that was won by one vote. So, whenever anybody says, ‘My vote doesn’t count; it’s not that big of a deal,’ I bring that up."

Candidates can then file petitions starting Nov. 27th. 

More information on signature requirements and deadlines is on the clerk’s website.