DeKalb Police Chief, Crystal Lake Man Libel Case Continues In November

Aug 30, 2017

The libel case between the DeKalb police chief and a Crystal Lake man will continue Nov. 8.

DeKalb police chief Gene Lowery sued Thomas Salvi for more than $300,000 last year. Salvi sent e-mails to then-mayor John Rey claiming Lowery was an “aggressive thug” and “fraud” and should be fired.

Rey said he didn’t believe Salvi’s claims, according to court records. Salvi's legal team says there isn’t enough evidence that the claims ruined Lowery’s reputation or otherwise harmed him.

“Plaintiff’s counsel told me that he agrees now to withdraw all claims of medical conditions or issues arising out of his claim of defamation,” Thomas Scherschel, Salvi’s lawyer, said in court Wednesday.

Scherschel says he’s willing to postpone hearings a little longer if it means he gets necessary court documents from Lowery’s side in two weeks.

“I’m certainly willing to wait 14 days,” Scherschel said. “I’ve waited two or three months.”

Lowery’s lawyer Thomas Gooch issued a subpoena for Salvi’s emails Tuesday. That’s according to court records.

Lowery, Gooch and Salvi were not at today’s hearing.