Digging up history in Rockton

Jul 16, 2012

On a recent day, several adults are digging in the very dry ground, unearthing  a foundation at Macktown Living History in Rockton which overlooks the Rock and Pecatonica Rivers.

  It’s Winnebago County’s earliest settlement, founded in the mid- 1830’s.

Steve Katz is a project supervisor for Midwest Archeological Research Services.  He’s overseeing a group of adults digging  at the historical site. 

“The best thing is the look in the eye. You know, it’s not Indiana Jones, but it’s pretty close to it and it’s something people take ownership of where they’re from and that’s the most important part." - Steve Katz, Midwest Archeological Research Services

Cindy Miner, of Rockford,  spent the day with her grandson Nathan Miner of Hampshire.

"It’s time away from his family and time away from my husband so just he and I could bond and talk about things we normally wouldn’t get to talk about.” -Cindy Miner, Rockford

The next dig will be held July 25 for children ages 9-12. and July 27 for adults. Call 815-624-4200 to reserve a spot.