DNR: Watch Out For Displaced Wildlife

Apr 25, 2013

Eastern Wild Turkey
Credit University of Illinois Extension

Flooding displaces residents, but it can also have an impact on wildlife.  It's nesting time for many Illinois water fowl and wild turkey populations. Tim Schweizer with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources says wildlife officials don't intervene during times of flood:

"Fortunately they can re-nest once the floods go down. We shouldn't see any long-term impacts."

Schweizer says DNR officials have heard from hunters about more wild turkeys roaming around from the extra water.

He says drivers should be extra careful around the  displaced animals:

"The critters have the same kind of reaction we do. If there's water rising, it's a need to get to higher ground. You might see more deer congregated in areas where you might not normally see them just getting away from some lowland flooding."

Schweizer says animals return to their native habitat once the waters recede.