First Day to File Petitions for Spring Election

Nov 19, 2012

This week is the time for some candidates to file petitions for positions on boards including libraries, park districts, and schools.

"Established party members wishing to run as a party-affiliated individual would have to file this month.  But most of the boards within their own rules and by-laws or within statutes are required to be independent by nature so that would preclude them from filing this month." 

- John Acardo, DeKalb County Clerk

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DeKalb County Clerk John Acardo

Acardo says, historically, there has been no need for a primary in some counties:

"For the most part, all of our local units run as independents and not as a partisan affiliation, which means that there would be no primary for DeKalb County. That's not to say someone might not file as a partisan, in which case, that filing period is, in fact, this month. Someone might think there might be an advantage to running as a Republican or a Democrat.  Someone might also want to just be affiliated with one party or another and that's why they're running on that platform." -John Acardo

In order to get on the April ballot, independent and new political party candidates have until next month to file.

Key Dates

November 19-26, 2012
Filing period for candidates seeking nomination at the Consolidated Primary Election, February 26, 2013.

December 17-24, 2012
Filing period for candidates seeking election at the Consolidated Election, April 9, 2013.