High-Priced Salt Forces Illinois Cities To Think Snow In July

Jul 30, 2014

Nearly 200 Illinois communities are scrambling to find salt – at a reasonable price – for next winter. 

Credit Larry Stephens

Nobody bid on their road salt supplier requests made through state government channels. Many of these communities are reaching out to other vendors, and prices are significantly higher. Tim Hanson is Rockford’s Director of Public Works.

So it will be a little more expensive than what we've been paying for the rests of the year, but in this case here we are looking for the safely factor , and I think we'll secure it, but it will cost us about $400,000 more than last year.

Hanson says salt prices are higher in part because more of it is coming from South America. He says some vendors are offering a five dollar per ton discount, which would save Rockford about $90,000 dollars, but he has to commit to the contract by 4:30 this afternoon.