Holder Encourages Prosecutor To Focus On Gun Violence

Nov 26, 2013

Gun violence was the focus at a ceremony to install Chicago's top federal prosecutor. Zach Fardon was sworn in yesterday. U.S. attorney General Eric Holder told Fardon that solving gun violence is hard work.

"It is the product of cooperative endeavor and sustained effort. This is simply not a time for institutional friction," Holder said.

Zach Fardon

Illinois U.S. Senator Mark Kirk, who has advocated arresting thousands of gang members, hit a different note, giving Fardon this instruction.

"Nail any powerful corrupt politician that you see has violated the law," Kirk said.

Fardon focused his comments on violence, telling attendees the status quo is unacceptable.

"Everyone deserves to feel safe in their own neighborhood regardless of where in this city that neighborhood happens to be and that’s just not where we are right now and so that status quo, I think we all can agree is not acceptable," Fardon said.

Illinois Public Radio's Robert Wildeboer contributed to this report.