How Illinois' Congressional delegation voted on debt deal

WNIJ news – Both Democrats and Republicans in Illinois' Congressional delegation were split in the debt ceiling vote in the House. Adam Kinzinger was one of eight Republicans to support the plan. Republicans Randy Hultgren, Joe Walsh,and Tim Johnson voted against the deal. Kinzinger says although he had to hold his nose to vote, he thinks it's a good first step. But, he says he has two big concerns about the bill. One is a reduction in military spending. Kinzinger says there also needs to be more discussion about changes to entitlement programs. Jan Schakowsky and Jesse Jackson Junior were the only two Illinois Democrats to cast a "no" vote. Jackson called the passage of the bill a very sad day for America. He says people already vulnerable would suffer the most. Schakowsky says the move could slow economic growth and increase unemployment. She noted many of her constituents were opposed to the measure.