Illinois Comptroller says struggling non-profits will get payment priority

Jul 31, 2012

Non-profit organizations in Illinois are being urged to call the state comptroller, if delayed payments from Springfield are threatening their operations. Comptroller Judy Baar-Topinka is touring the state, urging social-service providers to reach out to her office. 

While in Rockford Monday, Topinka said she'll do all she can to help these groups, but made no promises.

"There's a pot of money that we have to deal with to pay out. When we get it, we pay it out. But if we can, we will then try and get our non-for-profits and move them up in line, especially if they call and say, "we hanging by a thread" Topinka said.

Topinka says her office gets calls everyday from non-profit groups that face serious financial problems brought on by delayed state payments.