Illinois Tollway Says Fees Will Double For I-PASS Holders Without Transponder

Sep 5, 2017

Credit Illinois Tollway

The Illinois Tollway says registered I-PASS drivers who lack a transponder in their vehicle will have their tolls doubled starting January 1.

The Daily Herald reports the change is a crackdown on I-Pass users who register multiple vehicles with their accounts but do not have a transponder for each. As a result, these individuals drive through tollway gates without transponders in their vehicles. When this occurs, the tollway matches license plates with registered vehicles, and then charges the appropriate I-PASS account. Officials say, however, that this process is expensive and cumbersome.

Last year, about 40% of I-PASS users had fewer transponders than registered vehicles. The tollway hopes to raise $15 million in revenue by selling extra transponders. However, officials also said they will roll out a transponder incentive program, whose provisions include additional purchases costing a $10 deposit, and allowing multiple transponders to draw from a single balance.