Judge Rejects Fall Ballot Questions; Remap Group Won't Appeal

Jun 27, 2014

Cook County Judge Mary Mikva ruled today that three signature-driven ballot measures don't meet constitutional requirements and cannot be on this fall's general election ballot. 

Two of the measures call for legislative term limits, and another asks for the formation of an independent commission to oversee the state's political map-drawing process. 

Attorneys for advocates of the term limits measures say they will appeal to the Illinois Supreme Court next week.

The head of Yes for Independent Maps, the group advocating for the redistricting measure, says it won't appeal the judge's ruling and has notified the Illinois State Board of Elections that it is withdrawing its petitions.  The group had been working to rehabilitate signatures after an early sampling of those turned in to the board showed many were invalid.  The group says it will examine the judge's ruling as a reference for future campaigns.