Kinzinger Questions GOP Efforts On Obamacare

Sep 20, 2013

Update: Congressman Kinzinger voted with his party today to defund the Affordable Care Act and issued the following statement:

“House Republicans today voted to fully fund the federal government while at the same time protecting the American people from the ravages of the President’s unworkable healthcare law. It is now up to our colleagues in the Senate to continue this fight.”

Original story, which aired during Morning Edition on WNIJ, 9/20/13

A Republican congressman from northern Illinois doesn't agree with his party's efforts to defund the Affordable Care Act.

Adam Kinzinger, who represents the 16th District, calls the law's implementation a mess. But he suggests there's really nothing House GOP members can do at this point.

"From a Republican perspective, I think we've exhausted all efforts to repeal this law. Realistically, it's not gonna happen," Kinzinger said.

Kinzinger predicts there will be some negative fall-out from the law. He says once that happens, his party can come forward with a new plan that includes effective elements from the existing law.

The Republican-controlled House is using the threat of a government shutdown to force the president to undo Obamacare. But the White House says it would veto such a bill. Majority Leader Harry Reid says any measure to defund Obamacare is "dead" and a "waste of time."