Manzullo Talks "Fiscal Cliff"

Dec 28, 2012

Illinois Congressman Don Manzullo says the House should not take the blame for the looming fiscal cliff.  He says the House passed a tax bill last summer. He faults the Senate for not acting on that bill, or any House proposal, since.  He says a deal could come together very quickly, if both sides agree to work on it.

There's a White House meeting on the fiscal cliff scheduled for today. House Speaker John Boehner has called a session for Sunday. 

Don Manzullo
Credit U.S. House

“The problem is the posturing that’s going on, and the high stakes of a political crapshoot that’s happening.”

- Congressman Don Manzullo

Manzullo says going over the cliff would hurt families and send a bad signal to businesses, at home and abroad.