NIU's president on NIU's impact, funding, and the boring old days

DeKalb, IL – Northern Illinois University is a major economic driver in the region and now has the numbers to back its claim. NIU president John Peters released two reports this week: they focus on how NIU affects prosperity in DeKalb County and the region. WNIJ's Susan Stephens spoke with Peters about the reports and how the state's financial crisis could affect the school.

NOTE: This is an expanded version of the interview that aired on WNIJ. The following is a breakdown of the subjects discussed and where to find them in the recording:

0:00 Economic importance of NIU on the DeKalb County and the region.

1:45 NIU Net's potential for advancing the economy through broadband access.

3:15 The Community Cares partnership brings primary health care to local people who are uninsured or underinsured.

4:30 The effect of the state budget crisis on the region and NIU.

7:40 NIU as a state -assisted, not state-supported, institution. It's more than just late-payments, it's unfunded state mandates. The university has to seek money from many other sources now. There needs to be more investment in research at the nation's universities.

13:00 NIU's cost-cutting measures have included staff reductions and could mean program elimination. Cash flow is the real problem.

14:40 BONUS! President Peters discusses how things were a little different for NIU students one hundred years ago, from army-like accommodations to "wild" Friday night baking parties.