With No Competition, Dems Endorse Quinn

Sep 23, 2013
Originally published on September 23, 2013 2:32 pm

Many of Illinois' top Democrats met in Springfield Sunday to pick a slate of statewide candidates. Although several politicians had considered challenging Gov. Pat Quinn in next year's primary, they all backed off by the time of Sunday's meeting.

From the tone at Sunday's meeting, you'd never know a week before, Quinn was facing a tough primary fight. But then Bill Daley dropped out.

You'd also never know Quinn has spent months berating state lawmakers over guns and pensions.

You'd never know it because Quinn was unanimously endorsed for re-election.

House Speaker and Democratic Party Chairman Mike Madigan says that's because Democrats are like a family.

"In any family you have differences. And so what I've learned about Democrats is that where they have differences, they're able to work through the differences," Madigan says. "And when it's time for a General Election, they unite in opposition to the party of reaction and resistance."

All the other statewide Democrats were also endorsed, though, like Quinn, none have serious primary opponents.

Republicans, however, still have four men running for governor. They'll be battling each other while Quinn saves his campaign resources for the general election.

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