NRA Says It Will Fight Concealed Carry Ordinance

May 7, 2013


Credit WBEZ

When a federal court declared Illinois' ban on letting people carry guns in public unconstitutional, it also gave legislators an assignment: pass a concealed carry law by June 9th.

Lawmakers are in continued negotiations, but so far gun rights' activists have been unable to reach an agreement with those who favor stricter gun control. 

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart is doubtful they will in time.  He fears that could leave Illinois temporarily without any real limits on who can carry a gun, and where.  He wants a local ordinance passed just in case.

"I was down there 11 years. Many, many issues never get addressed down there. This is one we can’t just let go and say, ‘You know what? They gave it a try, it didn’t happen, and now it’s just gonna be the Wild West here," Dart said.

Dart wants the county to ban guns in certain locations, like schools or public arenas - and he wants the power to reject concealed carry applicants.

Todd Vandermyde is a lobbyist in Springfield for the National Rifle Association. He says Dart’s proposals go against the Second Amendment.

Illinois Public Radio's Tony Arnold contributed to this report.