Profile of U.S. Rep. Don Manzullo, 16th Congressional Candidate

Mar 5, 2012

Republican Don Manzullo has represented the 16th District since 1993. 

The district used to stretch from the Wisconsin border down to northern DeKalb County, and from the Mississippi River east to Crystal Lake on the Fox River.  But last year Democrats, who controlled the redistricting process, changed the map.  The 16th still begins at the Wisconsin border, but now it splits Rockford and runs south through DeKalb to include LaSalle, then turns east to the Indiana border.  For this election, Manzullo says goodbye to northwestern Illinois and is now introducing himself to voters in the north-central and north-eastern parts of the state.  Recently, Manzullo visited the WNIJ studios in DeKalb to participate in our series of candidate profiles.  He spoke with WNIJ's Dan Klefstad.