Prophetstown Leaders Plan For Next Step

Jul 31, 2013

Downtown Prophetstown (taken July 30, 2013)
Credit Chelsey Fulbright / WNIJ

Clean-up continues in Prophetstown after a fire destroyed portions of the downtown earlier this month. 

Broken bricks and charred wood cover the ground in the city's downtown weeks after the devastating blaze. Eight buildings were destroyed, but no one was injured.

This week, city leaders and residents heard from representatives of NIU's Center for Governmental Studies. The Center's Norman Walzer spoke to the group about some of the resources available.

"It could be technical assistance, or maybe organizing people to decide on a future. It could be whatever it is that comes to the surface as being needed," Walzer said.

Mayor Steve Swanson says he's still looking into what government funding may be available for rebuilding efforts. He says he would like to see the street keep a turn of the century look.

"I am not really to worried about Prophetstown.  It may take a little time. We love Prophetstown and we want to fix it." -Mayor Steve Swanson

Q-C Times: Boys Charged In Prophetstown Fire In Court

The two brothers charged with setting the fire appeared in Whiteside County court yesterday. The 12-year old could serve up to 30 days in a juvenile detention facility. The 16-year old could remain in custody until age 21. They are due back in court next month.