Quinn Opposes Veto Change

Sep 5, 2013
Originally published on September 4, 2013 4:10 pm

Gov. Pat Quinn says he does not support an opponent's proposal to amend the Illinois Constitution.

Republican venture capitalist Bruce Rauner is not only campaigning to take Quinn's job, he's also leading an effort to change the Illinois Constitution to make it harder for lawmakers to override a governor's veto.

Quinn has seen several of his vetoes overridden, including on this year's new concealed carry law. But he says Rauner's proposal is not necessary.

"The Illinois Constitution was adopted by the people of Illinois in a referendum, and they decided — in their wisdom — that to override a veto it takes three-fifths of the members of the General Assembly," Quinn says. "So I think that's a pretty important provision ... (and) I don't think there's a need to change that."

Quinn says he also doesn't see the need for another aspect of the plan, which would increase the number of representatives in the Illinois House, while decreasing the number of state senators.

In 1980, Quinn led an effort that cut the size of the Illinois House by one-third.

Supporters need to collect nearly 300,000 signatures in order to get the proposal on next year's ballot.

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