Quinn's Returns Show Charitable Giving

Apr 29, 2013

Credit state of Illinois

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn paid $7,716 in state income tax.  He's paying about $3,000 more than he was back in 2010. That's because he signed a law in 2011 raising Illinois' income tax rate from 3 to 5 percent.

The governor's tax returns are signed and dated April 14th, a day before the filing deadline. 

And rather than filling out the forms online, he does it by hand.

Quinn lists his occupation as "government/lawyer" - the governor's a licensed attorney, though he doesn't actively practice.

According to the handwritten returns, Quinn donated $7500 of his $177,412 paycheck --- that's about 4-percent --- to charity. His office didn't provide a list of which charities.

But his state tax refund check-offs demonstrate his longstanding affection for veterans' issues.

Illinois gives taxpayers eight funds they can donate to.

Quinn gave $10 each to seven of them - including a wildlife preservation fund, Alzheimer's research, a charity for the homeless.

But he gave $100 to military family relief.

Illinois Public Radio's Amanda Vinicky contributed to this report.