Report: Illinois State Workers Have Higher Than Average Premiums

Aug 12, 2014

A Pew Charitable Trusts report released on Tuesday says that healthcare coverage for Illinois state workers is close to the national average, while workers' premiums are among the highest in the nation.

Credit Pew Charitable Trusts

According to the report, the nationwide actuarial value is 92%. In Illinois, it was 93%.

There is a larger discrepancy between the US and Illinois average total premium cost. For the nation, the average total premium per employee was $963. Illinois' average was $1,203. That places the state among the highest in the country.

For comparison, Wisconsin's actuarial value was 97%, and the average total premium per state employee in Wisconsin was $1,331 -- the fourth highest in the US.

New Hampshire, Alaska, and New Jersey have the three highest premiums for state workers.