Sexual Assault Charges Dropped Against NIU Officer

Nov 28, 2012

Sexual assault charges against a former NIU police officer have been dropped. Prosecutors announced yesterday they were dropping the charges against Andrew Rifkin. The announcement comes three weeks after DeKalb County Judge Robbin Stuckert said NIU police had purposefully hidden from prosecutors witness statements that could have aided Rifkin’s defense.

Daily Chronicle: Charges against ex-NIU police officer Rifkin dropped

Credit NIU Public Safety

Two people who knew Rifkin told NIU police Lieutentant Kartik Ramakrishnan and Police Chief Donald Grady the woman had a consensual relationship with Rifkin.

Chicago Tribune: Charges dropped against NIU officer

No report was filed at that time. On November 3rd, Ramakrishnan said in court that he made a “very, very bad mistake” and put the women’s statements into Rifkin’s personnel file, rather than sharing them with the DeKalb County State’s Attorney’s office, as required. Both Ramakrishnan and Grady have been put on leave.