Tons Of Road Salt Requested For DeKalb

Mar 10, 2014

DeKalb's public works department is already getting ready for next year's snow season.

Credit Jenna Dooley / WNIJ

The department is requesting aldermen authorize the Mayor to sign an agreement to buy thirty-five hundred tons of road salt to prepare for next winter.

March 10 Agenda

DeKalb Public Works Director T.J. Moore told WNIJ last month the department has to estimate the need of road salt in advance. He says making the estimation can be difficult.

In late January, DeKalb city officials announced they would have to conserve road salt as they waited for another shipment from the state. That meant only applying salt on major roads and not residential streets. At that time, the city had a supply of 250 tons of salt with an additional 800 tons on order.