A Unique Twist To The Holiday Season

Dec 24, 2012

The U-of-I socks Cathy Christensen's family exchange each year.
Credit Cathy Christensen

Christmas is here! WNIJ is sharing some unique holiday traditions. WNIJ staff member, Austin Cliffe, shares his family's recipe for glogg, a fiery Scandinavian drink.

We also reached out to listeners to hear about some of their ways of celebrating the season. One that stood out was from Cathy Christensen. Every year, her family carries out tradition by exchanging an old pair of socks.

In the audio posted below, Cathy speaks with WNIJ's Mike Moen about this odd Christmas ritual.  After that, Austin takes us into his kitchen and fixes us a drink:

Here is Austin making his latest batch of glogg:

Credit Sue Stephens