Wash Your Hands, Cover That Cough: Flu Season Hits Illinois Hard

Jan 11, 2013

The flu season is raging in Illinois. Twenty-seven Illinoisans have died so far and 368 have been admitted to hospital intensive care units.

Credit Minnesota Department of Public Health

That’s according to the Illinois Department of Public Health. Spokesperson Melaney Arnold says most of the deaths and hospitalizations have been among people in their 50s and older. No children have died. The numbers are expected to go higher as more doctors and hospitals report cases from previous weeks, along with their new cases.

The risk of flu infection remains high, and it’s not too late to get a vaccination.  The Centers for Disease control and Prevention lists Illinois among the 24 states being hit hardest by the flu currently.

The same old advice is still the best advice: wash your hands frequently and stay home when you’re sick to keep the flu from spreading. Flu vaccinations are now recommended for everyone every year, with a few exceptions, including children under the age of six months and people with severe chicken egg allergies.

Everything you need to know about the flu and more can be found at http://www.cdc.gov/flu

Flu.gov is also a good source.