What To Do With Old Christmas Trees

Dec 27, 2012

In DeKalb, Waste Management will collect old Christmas trees from December 31-January 7.

For more information on Christmas tree disposal in your area, contact Waste Management

Credit Illinois Christmas Tree Association

In a national survey, 66% of consumers who selected a Real Christmas Tree said they recycled theirs in community programs. Real Christmas Trees are recycled for five main types of large-scale uses for post-harvest trees. These are:

  • Chipping (chippings are used for various things from mulch to hiking trails)
  • Beachfront erosion prevention
  • Lake and river shoreline stabilization
  • Fish habitat
  • River delta sedimentation management

Today around 98% of Real Christmas Trees are grown on farms throughout all 50 states and Canada.  Real Trees are planted to be harvested just as corn and/or pumpkins are cultivated for harvest.

**This information courtesy of the National Christmas Tree Association and the Illinois Christmas Tree Association