Andrew Rifkin


Police Chief Don Grady continued to draw a salary after he was placed on leave in November.  His salary at the time was around $205,987.92. Grady and another officer were accused of withholding evidence in a sexual assault case. The charges for that case were initially dropped, but have been re-filed.

DeKalb County

A former campus police officer is suing the NIU Board of Trustees and Police Chief Don Grady. Andrew Rifkin filed the lawsuit Jan. 22 in DeKalb County. Rifkin was charged in 2011 with sexually assaulting a student. Those charges were later dropped.


NIU police chief Donald Grady had an information technology specialist remove "personal files" from his laptop the day before he was placed on administrative leave, according to reports of court testimony this week.

NIU Public Safety

Sexual assault charges against a former NIU police officer have been dropped. Prosecutors announced yesterday they were dropping the charges against Andrew Rifkin. The announcement comes three weeks after DeKalb County Judge Robbin Stuckert said NIU police had purposefully hidden from prosecutors witness statements that could have aided Rifkin’s defense.

A DeKalb County judge could decide today whether to proceed with a student’s sexual assault case against a former Northern Illinois University police officer.