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As Illinois copes with a massive budget shortfall, a new audit finds the state wasted more than $300,000 on programs for people who died long ago. 

The report from the state auditor’s office says $321,000 was used to provide home care through the Illinois Department of Aging. 

The audit says the funds went for senior citizens in the department’s Community Care program last year. That was money spent on care programs for people who were already dead. 


A recently released audit from the Illinois Office of the Auditor General found in a testing of travel expenditures, $31,945 of the $46,501 tested were reimbursements to an employee for travel between the employee’s home and the official headquarters listed on filed forms. The audit says "travel expenses between an employee’s official headquarters and home are not reimbursable."

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An audit shows the Rockford School District's $8.8 million deficit was the result of an accounting change and higher-than-anticipated salaries. 

The district has enough in cash reserves to cover the deficit. No programs or staff are expected to be cut.

The scathing report on past management of College Illinois was issued Wednesday by the state Auditor General.

A recent audit says Illinois' gun owner registration program creates public safety issues.  But Republican Representative Jim Durkin doesn't expect the legislature to intervene anytime soon.