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The arrival of concealed carry in Illinois will mean a big change not only for gun-owning citizens, but police officers as well. The state board that oversees police training is already preparing for the change.

Illinois gun-rights advocates will appeal a federal judge’s ruling that prevents them from immediately carrying concealed weapons in public.


Concealed carry is now law in Illinois. State lawmakers today overrode Governor Pat Quinn’s proposed changes to gun legislation, just meeting a federal appeals court’s deadline to legalize concealed carry.

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The wrangling over a final concealed carry bill in Springfield is adding to the uncertainty at the local level. Officials continue to wait and see how a final bill would affect them.

State Gets Another Concealed-Carry Extension

Jun 18, 2013

Illinois now has until July 22nd to enact a concealed-carry law. That's after the U.S. Supreme Court granted a request by the state Attorney General to push back the deadline.

Concealed-Carry Bill Might Need Changes

Jun 17, 2013

The sponsor of the concealed carry bill says it needs a minor fix amid concerns about transparency. The measure was drafted after a federal court ruled Illinois' concealed carry ban unconstitutional. It's still being reviewed by Governor Pat Quinn.

Governor Pat Quinn says he will “review” legislation allowing people to carry guns in public. The measure cleared the General Assembly Friday afternoon.

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The Illinois House approved a concealed carry plan today: Governor Pat Quinn calls the measure a "massive overreach."

A measure that would allow people to carry weapons in public is advancing in the Illinois Senate. Gun owners would have to apply to the Illinois State Police. The department would then ask local law enforcement whether there was a reason someone should not be licensed. The measure would also ban weapons from schools, day care, casinos, and stadiums. Those restrictions prompted a quick response from NRA lobbyist Todd Vandermyde:

Local Control Part of Concealed Carry Debate

May 13, 2013

Illinois lawmakers are still scrambling to pass a concealed-carry bill. While negotiations continue, the question of whether there should be local control has surfaced in the debate.