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Judge Rejects Topless Activist's Free-Speech Argument

Feb 3, 2016
"Courtroom One Gavel" by Flickr User Beth Cortez-Neavel / (CC BY 2.0)

A federal judge rejected a "GoTopless Day'' activist of her core argument against a Chicago ordinance barring women from baring their chests in public.

Sonoko Tagami sued after police ticketed her in 2014 for violating the ordinance during an annual protest of such bans nationwide.

The protest was organized by the Las Vegas-based group GoTopless. The ticket cost Tagami $150. 

Tagami's lawsuit argues Chicago's ban infringes on her free-speech and other rights.

But the judge in Chicago rejected that in a Tuesday ruling.

Cook County State's Attorney

Cook County State’s attorney Anita Alvarez says she’s disappointed that the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear a petition she filed on citizens recording police officers. An appeals court decision earlier this year found Illinois’ Eavesdropping statute unconstitutional.