Government and Legislature

  • Next Sheley trial postponed to September
  • Illinois gets $150,000 of Skechers settlement
  • Cities don’t want to fund teacher pensions
  • Library begins offering e-readers
  • Restoring child-care funds advances
  • Cites gain in electricity savings
  • Schilling makes good use of perk he slammed

Minimum wage debate resurfaces in Illinois

May 17, 2012

Senate plan would eventually raise the state wage to $10.55. Critics say the plan would put a squeeze on business owners.

Susan Stephens / WNIJ

DeKalb-area Muslims are a step closer to a new mosque. Last night, the city’s planning committee approved a zoning change to allow a mosque to be built in a residential area on Normal Road, near the NIU campus.  

Pat Quinn gets behind the idea of allowing gay marriage in Illinois. The Democrat says he'll work with state lawmakers to make it a reality.

The Illinois  Senate approved the measure Thursday, and Governor Pat Quinn says he'll sign it into law.

Around Illinois -- May 11

May 11, 2012
  • Governor Quinn on board for same-sex marriage law
  • Meals in the mailbox
  • Mother's Day gift for Rockford mayor's family
  • Illinois Senate advances plan to reduce regional school superintendents
  • Record corn crop could be good for consumers
  • Rockford gets $1 million grant for environmental clean-up

The scathing report on past management of College Illinois was issued Wednesday by the state Auditor General.

The governor's overhaul proposal receives an endorsement from the Illinois Chamber of Commerce.

Obama Affirms Support Of Same-Sex Marriage

May 9, 2012



In an interview with ABC News, President Obama declared his support for gay marriage. This marks a departure from the president's previous stance, which has repeatedly been described as "evolving."

Here's the money quote from ABC's OTUS blog: