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Leaf Burning Ban Is Rejected In Rock Falls

Apr 19, 2017
McHenry County Health Department

An ordinance to ban burning of leaves and other yard waste in Rock Falls failed at a city council meeting.  

The ban had strong support from Mayor Bill Wescott as well as residents with health problems exacerbated by the burning of yard waste.  However, reports that Ald. Jim Schuneman believed the ordinance was rushed through council and went against the wishes of residents who filled out surveys on the subject several years ago. 

A number of local governments across Illinois are getting money to inspect pollution-control facilities and to investigate complaints about illegal dumping.

Illinois EPA Probes Landfill Leak

Jan 16, 2014

The Illinois EPA continues to look into this week's incident at Cortland Elementary School.

If you’ve been worried about foam and a red cast in some of the branches of the Kishwaukee and Rock Rivers,you can relax.

It is not, according to the Illinois EPA, due to some unreported industrial or agricultural release. The EPA says investigations have determined that these are rare but natural occurrences. In this case, weather and water conditions in northwestern Illinois have been just right to promote growth of a particular type of algae.