Illinois General Assembly

Illinois legislators will only get a brief post-election respite from politics. They are scheduled to be back in Springfield next Tuesday to begin the veto session. The current makeup of the General Assembly will remain in place for that but, come the new year, the Capitol welcomes a new set of lawmakers elected Tuesday night and the balance of power will shift -- slightly. Election Day is like the Super Bowl of politics. While Gov. Bruce Rauner is the Republican Party’s standard-bearer, he...

"Courtroom One Gavel" by Flickr User Beth Cortez-Neavel / (CC BY 2.0)

Illinois is more than a year behind on payments to people who've been wronged by state government. These individuals can seek compensation through the Court of Claims. Its caseload ranges from injuries caused by state workers, to the pleas of people unjustly imprisoned for crimes they did not commit. Claims Court Chief Justice Peter Birnbaum says the court hasn't let the budget impasse interfere with its work. "I made the decision for the court: Let’s issue these orders, enter these awards....

Obama Will Speak In Illinois Capitol Feb. 10

Jan 29, 2016
The White House

President Barack Obama will return to the Illinois Capitol Building on Feb. 10 and speak to the Illinois General Assembly. Obama will talk about "what we can do, together, to build a better politics — one that reflects our better selves," a White House advisory declared. The president, who served in the Illinois Senate from January 1997 until he was elected to the U.S. Senate in November 2004, will return to that venue nine years after announcing his candidacy for president. During his State...

Emanuel Talks Trust With Springfield

Jun 16, 2015

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel says the main players in Springfield should cool out. His comments come as Republican Governor Bruce Rauner started an ad campaign criticizing Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan. Emanuel says those commercials could make it harder to break a stalemate. “In politics, dialogue and trust are essential and any time you break that up, you make coming to terms harder," Emanuel said. The Mayor has a lot to lose in the fight at the capitol. He wants the governor to...

State of Illinois

Members of the Illinois General Assembly received the fifth-highest legislator salaries in the nation. That's according to data from the National Conference of State Legislatures . The average salary for politicians in the state was about $67,000. The states that paid their lawmakers the most last year were California, Pennsylvania, New York and Michigan.